Elections and Democracy

Much of my volunteer work is centered on working on behalf of democracy in non-partisan activities. As a Deputy Registrar representing the Maricopa County Recorder’s office, I’ve had the joy of attending multiple naturalization ceremonies and registering new citizens to vote. In addition, I’ve been a paid poll worker for every election since 2017. It’s a privilege of to be part of a bi-partisan staff in vote centers and on boards where all parties are present to ensure that every legitimate vote is counted. With training and experience applying state and federal laws, and using the processes approved through the Maricopa County Recorder’s office, I am confident that our elections are secure and the counts are accurate.

It’s crucial to Arizona and this country that those processes remain secure. Access to voting through in-person centers, weekend voting, and mail-in-ballots has provided secure systems so that all qualified voters can safely cast a ballot. Any attempt at making it harder to vote will impact all communities and all parties, but particularly those voters who have limited resources due to health restrictions or economic demographics. Citizens should not be forced to choose between casting a ballot and going to work so they can pay the rent.