Safe Communities

Schools with low class sizes, with professional support staff, with community events lead to better connections with students and their families. Connections lead to trust; trust leads to enriched environments where people feel safe; safety leads to an enriched learning and teaching environment.

Safety today, though, can seem quite tenuous with our rash of shootings in all venues. Nearly every mass casualty event involves an AR-15, described as the “civilian versions of military weapons that gun control advocates say aren’t very different.

The AR-15, like its military version, is designed to kill people quickly and in large numbers, hence the term assault-style rifle, gun control advocates told NPR in 2018. They say it has no valid recreational use, and civilians should not be allowed to own them.” (

I support the Second Amendment; I do not want to put restrictions on law-abiding citizens who own weapons for hunting and self- protection. Recreational venues place a premium on safety and I applaud that commitment.

In Arizona, I support common sense measures to restore the safety and security in schools and in all public spaces where we gather to shop, eat, attend entertainment events, celebrate our civic history. Gun violence is a public health issue and must be addressed as such. In addition to measures to restrict easy access to gun purchases, I support a ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines.